Kristin Hersh and 50 Foot Wave go CC!

Eric Steuer

50 Foot Wave, the excellent rock group fronted by Kristin Hersh of seminal post-punkers Throwing Muses has announced that its new EP, Free Music is available for — you guessed it — free under a Creative Commons Music Sharing License. Right on, 50 Foot Wave!

With “Free Music” 50FootWave is seeking new earballs. We thought it’d be interesting to ask for your energy & enthusiasm rather than your money and see what happens. To that end, please share this music in any and every way you see fit. Burn CDs, post the mp3s, seed Torrents — whatever’s comfortable for you.

4 thoughts on “Kristin Hersh and 50 Foot Wave go CC!”

  1. I am very impressed that the band decided to do this – it is really a good first step. But I hope that you will consider a more flexible license than the ‘Music Sharing’ license that really doesn’t let you do much more than copy and distribute the music as is. The really radical moment is when people can transform and reuse stuff in interesting new ways (i.e. CC-Sharealike).

    But good to see the important first step being made.

  2. Thanks for noticing and for helping us spread the word…we’ve been excited and intrigued by the CC model and thought the best way to learn about it is to live with it. We’re really eager to see how this plays out.

    It was important to us that we wait for really great, studio recordings in order to offer, free of charge, something that normally costs money.

    So far, so good.

  3. David, you brought something to my attention that I hadn’t noticed…You were right, the icon displayed at our site was for the Music Sharing license — Our webmaster and I had our signals crossed. It should display the correct icon "Some Rights Reserved" now.

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