Post Ya 'Pellas

Victor Stone just turned on a very interesting beta statistics page for our music remix site, ccMixter. Some stuff to note:

  • 81% of uploaded a cappella tracks have been remixed (and Victor says that percentage goes way up if you ignore recently uploaded tracks, which remixers haven’t had much time to work with yet).
  • J.Lang, ASHWAN, Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla and fourstones are all on both the most sampled artists and top remixer list. Mixversations happen here.
  • teru is the remixer champion and Lisa DeBenedictis the lead vocalist.
  • Uploads and signups vary depending where we are in a contest cycle.

More traditional “charts” are coming. In the meantime listen to Ms. Vybe: Post ya ‘pellas at ccMixter and you just might get a remixer.