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ccPublisher 2 Beta 2 now available


For everyone who has filed crash reports, sent me emails and generally wondered about the state of ccPublisher, I’m pleased to announce that our first widely publicized beta is now available. You can find information on downloads and installation instructions here.

Note that while we think this code is ready for public consumption, it is still a beta. For a list of issues that need to be resolved before we call it final, see the tracker. I’m sure (and even a little hopeful) that the list will grow before it gets shorter. The list will grow because people try the software, and the more eyes we have looking at it, the better it will become.

Which brings me to my final point: if you try ccPublisher 2 and have an idea or suggestion for making it better, please open an issue in the tracker. Doing so will help us keep track of things and prioritize them. Enjoy!

Posted 13 March 2006