SectionZ: Great CC-licensed electronic music

Eric Steuer

SectionZ is an electronic music community that is home to more than 650 Creative Commons-licensed tracks. There are lots of truly excellent CC sounds on the site — some of my favorites are Vaetxh‘s spacy drum ‘n’ bass anthem “The Moon Is to the Stars as a Dust Mote Is to Mars” and Smiff’s driving trance track “Tilt.”

1 thought on “SectionZ: Great CC-licensed electronic music”

  1. I’d like to add that as of this date there are over 3500 CC licensed tracks on!

    The majority of new uploads are licensed CC BY-NC-SA.

    Musicians can upload their music freely as well as give and get reviews from other artists. is the internets longest running peer review music community having roots as far back as 1999.

    (site owner & primary admin)

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