CC travel sites acquired

Wikitravel and World66, two user generated content travel sites each using the same Creative Commons license (Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0) have been acquired by Internet Brands, the operator of and many other .com properties.

It’s great to see Internet Brands’ confidence in a business built on CC-licensed content, particularly under a BY-SA license, which permits forking, even for commercial purposes.

Congratulations to World66, Wikitravel, and especially to Wikitravel cofounder Evan Prodromou, who has been an active supporter and constructive critic of Creative Commons from the beginning.

2 thoughts on “CC travel sites acquired”

  1. Great job by Wikitravel. I hope Internet Brands is getting its money’s worth. I estimate WikiTravel makes well under $100,000 a year from its ads because of weak ad placement. And, they don’t monetize in other ways that I can see. I assume this will change eventually? I’m the owner of a site which uses WikiTravel data, iGuide – – so this has consequences for us.

  2. As I can see at SemRush…WikiTravel SE Traffic price $3,138,183, So, I’ll be more optimistic about WikiTravel incomes forecast.

    But I want to ask, are you really have opened a project, based on CC content and wasn’t banned by google?

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