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The Wombat Speaks


Zenigma, BY 2.0

Had fun presenting in Second Life last night…great crowd with interesting questions…there was quite a rush to get the CC-Ts at the end which was a fun choas and several people made their way over to the CC donation jar (which wasn’t even at the event location) & $420 linden dollars were donated to CC – thank you!!

As with all things SL, it was a collaborative effort with Joi & his team providing the venue (thank you Aimee for donating the colosseum build), Alex & Jen assisting at the CC end with technical issues and preparing for the event, Liana for being patient with our newbie questions about SL and James for generating interest with his publicity (which attracted Boing Boing’s attention!!).

James has already posted a brief report about the event and there are (of course) photos posted to Flickr here and here. Slides are here. Transcript should be ready by Monday, if anyone is interested.

If you missed this event or liked it and want to participate in future ones, join us in SL again at Pooley for a seminar on World Intellectual Property day at 2pm (East Coast Australia time) on Wednesday 26 April 2006 (for some of us it will actually be the day before World IP day because Australia is so far ahead in so many things, including time (we wombats have to support our peeps)). The discussion will include copyright, fair use, blogs, mash-ups, parody, and much more. Participants will include Brian Fitzgerald and Nic Suzor from the CC Australia team, Richard Neville and Dean Whitbread from among others.

Update: Thanks to James, the transcript is now available here.

Posted 21 April 2006