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ccPublisher 2 beta 3 Now Available


We’ve been working hard on ccPublisher 2 lately, and I’m pleased to announce that the third beta is available for download. You can find release notes and downloads for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux here. This release is stable enough for regular use. If you’ve tried ccPublisher in the past and want to upload a work to the Internet Archive, I encourage you to try this release. We’re still working on ironing out the last few wrinkles, but overall this release is more stable and flexible than previous ones.

ccPublisher 2 doesn’t add lots of new features to the original ccPublisher feature set, instead opting to focus on the infrastructure of the application. I think it’s a strategy that’s paying off, and will make the addition of new features far easier in the future. We’re already seeing results, as bugs and major improvements to the code base are far easier than they were with ccPublisher 1.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or bug reports, we’d love to hear them. You can file bugs in the ccPublisher tracker, or join the cc-devel mailing list to communicate with the developers.

Posted 11 May 2006