Summer of Code 2006 Projects Announced

As previously mentioned, Creative Commons is participating in this year’s Google Summer of Code. Creative Commons was awarded four project slots by Google, and the selecting the top four was challenging. We received many, many excellent proposals, and I personally want to thank everyone who took the time to think about a project and submit it. The projects we’ll be working with students on this summer are:

  • Adding EXIF embedding and Flickr upload support to ccPublisher, Robert Litzke
  • Adding support for uploading to ccHost from ccPublisher, Bruno Luís Gonçalves Dilly
  • Creating a Banshee extension to support embedded licenses, Luke Hoersten
  • Updating MozCC to support RDFa, Landan Hicks

We’re very excited to see what this summer’s projects will produce. And if you have some free time this summer, there are still plenty of ideas for projects that would help the Commons.