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ccPublisher: A Day for Releases


We’ve shipped two new releases of ccPublisher today. The first is a bug fix release. ccPublisher 2.0.4 fixes several crash-inducing bugs. All users are encouraged to upgrade.

The second release is the first beta for ccPublisher 2.2. ccPublisher 2.2 is the next feature release for ccPublisher and adds support for internationalizing the application. ccPublisher 2.2 will be released at the iSummit later this month. If you’re interested in testing or translating ccPublisher 2.2, you can find details here.

As always, questions, feature requests and bugs can be sent to the developer mailing list or filed in the issue tracker.

UPDATE: Shortly after the release of 2.0.4 several users allowed ccPublisher to send crash reports which revealed a critical bug. The bug impacts users publishing MP3 files which already have ID3 information embedded. We’ve released which contains a fix for this bug.

Posted 06 June 2006