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English Translations of Recent CC Decisions Now Available


A little while ago, we blogged about the recent decisions – one in Spain and one in the Netherlands – that have been handed down that involve Creative Commons licenses. English translations of these are now available for those people whose Spanish or Dutch is a little rusty. The Spanish one is here; the Dutch one here.

Many thank yous are due to: León Felipe Sánchez Ambía and Jorge Ringenbach Sanabria from our CC Mexico team and Claudio Ruiz Gallardo, Carlos Riquelme and Marcela Paiva from the CC Chile team for their assistance in preparing the translation of the Spanish decision; and to Paul Keller from our CC Netherlands team who co-ordinated with Lennert Steijger and Nynke Hendriks to prepare the translation of the Dutch decision.

If you prepare additional translations of these decisions, feel free to let us know at this address.

Posted 19 June 2006