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Hello from iSummit! / Message from Glenn Brown


Hello from the iCommons Summit! Rio is beautiful and so are the hundreds of people joining us here for this historic event.

Among the many members of our community who have traveled to be a part of the summit is former Creative Commons executive director Glenn Otis Brown, who writes in to say:

I’m honored to be able to participate in the iCommons Summit in Rio de
Janeiro this weekend. I’m also thrilled to announce that Google‘s Open Source Programs, which last year donated $30,000 dollars to Creative Commons, will be sponsoring four digital video cameras for the three-day event. The idea will be to have conference participants themselves film the proceedings — which include a performance by the legendary musician and Minister
of Culture Gilberto Gil and a speech by Jimmy Wales (wikipedia), among many other Net luminaries. Eventually someone — Creative Commons, the iSummit participants, the Web? (tbd) — will cut and knit the footage together into something along the lines of the Beastie Boys’ fan-filmed Madison Square Garden concert video, “Awesome.”

We hope other iCommons attendees will bring cameras and participate in this collaborative capturing of what is sure to be an unforgettable experience, and we are proud to take inspiration from the Beastie Boys (who, as you may recall, were among the first major-label artists to go CC with a track on WIRED’s Rip Sample Mash Share CD).

A special thanks to Chris DiBona and Eric Case from Google’s own Open Source Programs for sponsoring the cameras.

See you there, old friends!

Products Counsel, Google Inc.
Creative Commons alum

Thanks, Glenn!

Posted 23 June 2006