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Revver: the relaunch


If you’re not already familiar with Revver, it’s a really slick video publishing platform that uses Creative Commons licenses to support its business model of “free and unlimited sharing.” Revver attaches a short ad to the end of your video and tracks how many times your clip has been viewed. The company then splits ad revenue with content creators as videos spread virally. It makes a lot of sense for Revver to use CC licenses and to promote sharing, since the whole point is to get as many people as possible to see the videos. (The more people that watch them, the more ads are viewed, and so forth.)

Last week, Revver launched a new version of its site, and it looks great. Updates include a new dashboard page, a secure Flash player, a Web-based uploader, and a feature where you can build collections of other people’s videos that you’re interested (somewhat like Flickr’s “Favorites” feature). Check out these blog posts by Micki Krimmel, Revver’s Director of Community, for more information about the new Revver.

Speaking of Micki, she’ll be giving a presentation about Revver at the next CC Salon San Francisco, happening on Wednesday, October 11. David Pescowitz (Make, Boing Boing) and Ryan Junell (Webzine, Sagan, SLOMO Video, and more will also be presenting. More information coming soon!

Posted 26 September 2006