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CC tech, Toronto and Boise


There will be (at least) four Creative Commons talks October 27.

Three in Toronto at the 5th annual Seneca Free Software & Open Source Symposium:
Nathan Yergler on Little “s” Semantic: Exploring Metadata About the Web,
Jon Phillips on ccHost: Open Service and Media Hosting with Creative Commons software,
and CC Canada joint project lead Marcus Bornfreund on Why Share?.

FSOSS features many other great speakers in a tight schedule, including workshops with Mozilla developers on the 26th and a workshop on open source for educators on the 28th.

The same day I’ll be speaking at the first BoCon, an open source/open culture conference held at the Visual Arts Collective in Boise, Idaho. The conference runs the 27th and 28th and features several talks on open source and culture as well as performances, with an emphasis on , including !

Toronto is cheap ($30), Boise is free ($0, as in free beer). Attending all sessions and festivities of both is priceless.

Posted 16 October 2006