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CC for Googlers tech talk


October 26 I gave a tech talk at Google, “Creative Commons for Googlers”, now avaiable for viewing and download on Google Video. Unfortunately slide text is too small to read well in the video, but the slides are also now online.

If you’ve been following this blog obsessively there will be nothing new in the brief legal and culture updates in the presentation, but if you’re interested in the machine-readable side of Creative Commons, do watch and read for a frank discussion of the state of CC metadata and tools (keywords: search, metadata, RDF, RDFa, microformats, embedded metadata, XMP, attribution, remix tracking, commerce).

This talk was also the semi-public debut of our new short Wanna Work Togehter?, which you should watch right here if you haven’t yet:

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Addendum: The Google tech talk summarized by William Slawski, Spanish translation of the summary.

Posted 06 November 2006