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CC Swag Photo Contest Week 1 Winner


Today’s winner of this week’s CC Swag Photo Contest is Naufragio. We applaud his use of the CC and showing his CC pride. Good job Naufragio!

To all our CC supporters who are considering entering the CC Swag Photo Contest, do not be discouraged! There are 5 weeks remaining, that means 5 more weeks of winners to be announced! This photo in no way shapes the context of this contest – we are open to all entries as long as the work supports both your vision of CC and CC’s mission by using CC Swag. Whether that swag is purchased in our store (which goes directly to our annual campaign), acquired over time by attending CC events, or belongs to a friend is entirely up to you and will not be considered by the judges.

Creative Commons wants to thank all the participants and to encourage everyone to continue shooting, uploading

Posted 13 November 2006