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The commons and liberation


Eben Moglen’s Plone Conference keynote address Software and Community in the Early 21st century places free software in the context of historical desire for freedom and social justice, closing with “The difference is, this time, we win.”

While Moglen’s focus is free software, everything he says applies equally to free culture. He uses the first audience question (at about 56:20, concerning user generated content) to address Creative Commons and free culture, for which he has he has an upbeat prognosis.

Video of the talk is available at YouTube and under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Geof Glass has produced a transcript of the main part of the talk, under (of course) the same license.

A pity that the talk does not currently seem to be available in a free format.* About four months ago I mentioned another excellent talk by Moglen also featuring Lawrence Lessig in Q&A on the ethics and future of the free culture movement, which is available in free formats.

* Apologies, I must take the opportunity to be the one complaining about free format availability, having previously been in the position of making excuses for not providing the same.

Posted 10 December 2006