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Code v2 Launches Today


Lawrence Lessig’s book Code v2 officially launched today. Code v2 is the revision of his 1999 Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace. Code v2 is not so much a new book as it is a translation of a very old (in Internet time) one.

Code v2 was written collaboratively with the world. Part of the update was written through a wiki, which is still accessible here. That text was then edited and added to Lessig’s overall revision. The wiki text was licensed under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License as is the derivative Code v2. In order to recognize and honor the contributions of the community to Code v2, all royalties have been dedicated to Creative Commons.

Code v2 is offered for free as a PDF download here but if you are adding it to your holiday reading list please consider buying the book here (as it is cheaper than printing it on you own) and supporting the CC’s annual campaign as it is rapidly approaching its end.

Posted 11 December 2006