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Celebrate CC's 4th Birthday Today!


Tonight we’re celebrating the 4 phenomenal years of Creative Commons! Over the past 4 years our licenses have grown to number over 140,000,000 and have been ported to over 30 countries. We have experienced exponential growth because of our community’s support and for that we thank you.

In order to thank you and celebrate CC with you there are CC celebratory parties all over the world tonight, including the digital one in Second Life, as posted on BoingBoing today.

Tonight in San Francisco the good people at Songbird are hosting our CC Birthday Party from 8pm – 2am. There has been an overwhelming response so come check out the party, DJ Oonce Oonce and Rafa, and raise a glass to our work of helping enable a participatory culture and to all other commoners who have embraced and progressed this movement.

At the “same” time there will be parties hosted Warsaw, Beijing, Amsterdam, Turin, Copenhagen, Lisbon (they are launching their ported licenses today!), and New York City. We encourage everyone in these areas to attend as we want to celebrate CC with as many supporters as possible.

If you are not near any of these places, don’t fret because there is a CC Celebration in Second Life. Larry Lessig, Joi Ito, and Jimmy Wales will be there to announce some Creative Commons news and to mingle with the other in-world supporters. They will be presenting at 10pm PST.

If you cannot attend any of the parties, then gather with friends, family members, other supporters and let us know how you spent your CC Day.

We ask that everyone take photos and videos and upload them with the tag “ccbday” and their city tag (i.e. “berlin”) and any other appropriate tags so that we can experience everyone’s party.

Thank you again for supporting CC these past four years and we are looking forward to our future with you! Have fun, be safe and document your parties!

Posted 15 December 2006