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CC Netherlands CD+DVD release


CC Netherlands released an all-CC CD+DVD today. Bjorn Wijers writes:

Creative Commons Netherlands has released the physical cd/dvd with musical and visual talent from the Lowlands. I’ve been one of the people behind this project and I can assure you this was one of my most difficult projects I’ve ever done. Although we’ve made some mistakes and had some setbacks, I’m more than happy with the outcome. I wasn’t the only one working on this off course. It certainly could not have been done without the help of various people:

Thanks to Marco Raaphorst for the excellent mastering (although I forgot to mention this on the package, sorry Marco!!!!), thanks Guno and Sander for helping us with the difficult task of picking a mere thirteen songs from more than a 130(!) songs sent in by more than 50(!) different artists. Thanks to Paul Keller and Syb Groeneveld (public projectleaders of Creative Commons Netherlands) for making this project a reality, thanks to JobJorisenMarieke for doing a great job with the graphical and dvd design, thanks to Tapes for an excellent printing and pressing job and last but not least thanks to all the participating creatives on this cd/dvd! Without your work there wasn’t a cd/dvd!

The story was picked up by, one of the most popular Dutch news sites. Congratulations to CC-NL!

Posted 11 January 2007