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netBloc vol. 1


blocsonic cover artblocSonic is a new thing (blog or compilations label, you decide — a tastemaker in any case) that has just posted its first compliation of CC-licensed music. From the release’s 36 page CD booklet:

One problem… the sheer quantity of netlabel releases and no simple way of sifting through it all to find the gems. That’s where blocSonic and our netBloc releases come in. Admittedly not a solution to the problem, our netBloc releases are a but a tiny-step in the direction of a future solution that we intend to develop and launch. For the time-being let our monthly releases help you shine some light on deserving artists/netlabels and the terrific music that they have to offer. Help us usher in a new era by regularly downloading our releases and then checking out the featured artists’ and labels’ websites for more from them.

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Posted 19 January 2007