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MozCC ♥ Songbird


I’m a bit late, so not-quite-in-time for Valentine’s Day, I’m happy to announce a proverbial match made in heaven: MozCC and Songbird.

You might recall Songbird, the previously mentioned wicked-cool music player built on Mozilla. They’re busy readying their next milestone release, 0.2.5. In anticipation of that release, I’ve just shipped MozCC 2.4.2. MozCC is the first release to officially support both Songbird and Firefox 2.

Songbird + MozCC 4 Ever

You can find out more about Songbird over at “the nest”; details about installing MozCC are available in the wiki.

UPDATE: Oops! Love is blind. MozCC 2.4.2 had a regression in Firefox support. Check out 2.4.3 instead.

Posted 15 February 2007