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ccHost 4.0 Official Release


We are proud to announce the official release of Creative Commons’ open source remix community project ccHost 4.0 which is now available for immediate download and install (it’s actually version 4.0.1 so if you downloaded 4.0 or 4.0 RC1 then you should upgrade immediately to get the last minute bug fixes). More information about this important release is here.

Early adopters include the very important work being done by our friends at freeculture for their first content collection project for One Laptop Per Child. This installation is also technically interesting because the project’s requirements were decidedly untypical (for ccHost), namely anonymous uploading and blog-style reviewing/commenting as well as pulling music files from other websites. With less than a week to go before they launched and working together with an impressive team of volunteers we were able to customize the installation with a minimal amount of additional scripting and no changes to the base ccHost installation. A technical challenge easily met by ccHost for a great cause. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Posted 06 March 2007