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Jamendo 3k, Integrating open content


Another milestone for CC-centric music site Jamendo: 3,000 albums released, including 1,000 in the last three months.

If you’re a Linux user the Rythmbox music player is a great way to explore these albums. It ships with a Jamendo plugin (and a Magnatune plugin), providing a seamless listening experience. Screenshot:

Jono Bacon recently wrote about this in Making us win: Integrating open content:

Sometimes we, the free software community, can get a little pre-occupied with the immediate landscape, and we often focus too much on Linux, free software ethics and open standards. These are essential, but there is a whole world of open content such as Jamendo, Magnatune, Open Clip Art, OpenStreetmap, Wikipedia, Freesound and much more at our fingertips. With such a rich tapestry of open content and a licensing infrastructure (Creative Commons as a great example) that makes it so simple to license and distribute such content, we have a huge opportunity to not only provide a free software Operating System, but to also hot rod it with oodles of free content.

In the spirit of doing what I encourage others to do (be a CC tastemaker), two recently released Jamendo albums I recommend…

Self-titlted “NeoRomantic Pop” by WhiteRoom from Quebec. Start with track 10, Simple Mood.

If “improvisación experimental” from Spain appeals to you, check out En Busca Del Pasto’s Digresiones IV: Variaciones sobre un diaporama.

Enjoyed that? Then head over to and listen to one of my favorite albums in the commons (public domain in this case), Miscel·lània Sonora, Joan Bagés i Rubí’s improvisational sound art from Barcelona.

Posted 15 April 2007