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Day 4: CC Chile


Well it is now day 4 of the campaign and we’ve raised $7058. Needless to say the momentum that we originally experienced has waned. The importance of this cause however has not and that is why we are not relenting.

The CCi affiliates need to be at the iCommons iSummit to debate and discuss the issues that will undoubtedly effect our global digital commons. These people are active within the movement for the global digital commons and are legal and technology experts. Help us assure that their voice and perspective is heard at this important conference by giving to this campaign.

Over the past couple of days we’ve been highlighting different jurisdictions so that you can get a better understanding of the volunteer project leads. The first story was from Hungary and yesterday’s came from Taiwan.

Today’s story comes to you via South America. Claudio Ruiz (man on the right in the photo and who took this photo) from CC Chile wrote me with the story below and now I’m sharing it with you – properly attributed and all.

A few years back a young designer named Armando Torrealba and his punk-rock band went on tour to the south of Chile. For the tour he designed a very cool image of a panda bear , licensed it under CC BY-NC, and released it so his fans could re-use it and re-mix but not for commercial gains. After he released the image a major retail store in Latin America picked it up and used it on their company website. Torrealba contacted the NGO Derechos Digitales, the institution that supports CC in Chile, and they helped him enforce his rights and the license terms by drafting a cease and desist letter. The company, realizing the stability of the CC licensing infrastructure, immediately removed Armando’s image.

This was an extremely important triumph for the CC Chilean team and a testament to the importance and validity of the CC licensing infrastructure.

In order to continue the global dissemination and the mission of CC it is imperative that we raise this money. We need your help.

Posted 30 April 2007