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Day 6: CC Malaysia


The past 24hrs have been very active for the CCi Scholarship Campaign! I cannot stress how important participating in this campaign is and the opportunity at stake. A $100,000 matching challenge does not present itself very often so it’s critical that we meet this goal. We appreciate your support so much and hope that you will continue to support CC in the future.

Over the past five days Mike and I have recounted stories from Hungary, Taiwan, Chile, France, and Catalonia & Spain. Today’s anecdote comes from CC Malaysia. They are currently hosting a multi-media online competition which runs through June 25th. Submit your work here.

According to CC Malaysia project lead Alina Ng the competition was initiated as a way to support and bring global attention to local talent and creative communities. Here’s more about this story and the competition from the source.

“This is a very exciting time for CC Malaysia because there is more interest in the project (CC). People are realizing that sharing their creative work contributes toward greater growth and development.”

The contest has 3 categories: music (original and remix), film (animation and live action), and still imagery (photography and digital art). There will also be the “People’s Choice Award” for each category – these winners will be chosen by popular online vote. Winners will be announced at the CC Malaysia First Anniversary Party in July.

On April 28th CC Malaysia hosted a one day photography workshop at the Cyberjaya Lodge that was lead by a reknowned photographer. More than 100 people participated throughout the day. Their work was judged and awards were handed out as the close of the day. Check out some of the photos taken at the workshop and some other beautiful pictures of Malaysian life and culture are available here.

We are also very pleased that Pete Teo, an internationally known Malaysian musician, songwriter and composer, who licenses some of his music through Creative Commons and who is on the Creative Commons Malaysia Board, won the 2007 Malaysian Music Industry Annual Awards. We thank him for supporting our project (despite his busy schedule, he agreed to judge our competition) and we are so proud of him. Way to go, Pete! So, all in all, Creative Commons Malaysia is growing well and we are very excited and really happy with this growth.

Please contribute to the Creative Commons International scholarship fund so we can send more awesome CC volunteers like Alina Ng to the iSummit to learn and plan for the challenges and opportunities of spreading the commons globally in the next year — and take advantage of the new $100,000 matching fund.

Showing off one of the available premiums for donors, here are our favorite models. Photo by cambodia4kidsorg, licensed under CC BY.

Posted 03 May 2007