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Looks like a new great web 2.0 has emerged along the lines of scribd, but specifically for sharing slideshows. Welcome to the world of the commons, Slideshare! (rounds of massive applause)

Here at CC we have been working on a Media Hosting Wishlist for sites like Slideshare to use as a guide for how to best support Creative Commons licensing, standards and technology. Looks like Slideshare supports users to select a default Creative Commons license for uploaded slide shows to be licensed under, as well as allowing for a per-item-upload license setting. Also, this site shows the license marking on uploaded slideshows with a link to the license you selected.

While Slideshare doesn’t implement the Media Hosting Wishlist 100%, this list is a guide for sites to best support licensing and standards. The question of the day is how can your project better support this wishlist? Also, are there items missing from this wishlist. If so, surf on over to the list and hit edit. Its a wiki! 🙂 Let us know if your site is in 100% compliance of this list and/or hoping to be a 100% adopter – let’s do lunch!

Oh, and btw, here is a presentation I gave at CC Taiwan in January, that shows how Slideshare support Creative Commons licensing. Let your uploads commence!

Posted 14 May 2007