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Sun CEO: free media = free software, innovation != litigation


Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz has a fine blog post in which he describes the Sun’s decision to pursue an “open” strategy rather than prosecute the “open” world and its results:

In essence, we decided to innovate, not litigate.

Further down:

All of which is to say – no amount of fear can stop the rise of free media, or free software (they are the same, after all). The community is vastly more innovative and powerful than a single company. And you will never turn back the clock on elementary school students and developing economies and aid agencies and fledgling universities – or the Fortune 500 – that have found value in the wisdom of the open source community. Open standards and open source software are literally changing the face of the planet – creating opportunity wherever the network can reach.

Nice to see this nod to open media. What company will be the Sun equivalent in the media space? Creative Commons will be a key part of that company’s strategy, as open standards and more recently open source have been key for Sun. The rest of the industry will follow.

Posted 15 May 2007