New Zealand

Brian Opie, Executive Director, Te Whainga Aronui The Council for the Humanities

Alex Gakuru

Creative Commons is working with the Royal Society of New Zealand to create New Zealand jurisdiction-specific licenses from the generic Creative Commons licenses.

CC New Zealand

Public Project Lead: Jane Hornibrook

Legal Team:

Advisory Panel:

  • Penny Carnaby, National Librarian
  • Wayne Macintosh, Open Education Resource Foundation
  • Colin Jackson, IT consultant
  • Aroha Meed, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Professor Brian Fitzgerald, Queensland University of Technology
  • Stephanie Pietkiewicz, True Story
  • Helen Baxter, Mohawk Media
  • Keitha Booth, State Services Commission
  • Fabiana Kubke, University of Auckaland

License documents:

More about The Royal Society of New Zealand

The Royal Society of New Zealand promotes science, technology and the humanities in schools, in industry and in society. We administer several funds for science and technology, publish science journals, offer advice to Government, and foster international scientific contact and co-operation.


CC New Zealand would like to thank it’s former affiliate institution, the Te Whāinga Aronui The Council for the Humanities, and former Project Lead Brian Opie, for their support and efforts developing the CC project in New Zealand.