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More media from CC Salon Seoul and upcoming CC Salon info


Following up on our previous post comes even more media from the most recent, and wonderfully amazing, ccSalon in Seoul. The theme, “Code Can be an Art”, was engaged through a media-jam encouraging those in attendance to create art from code, presentations by local artists and DJs, as well as a panel discussion focusing on the question “Could code be widely regarded as an artform?”. Follow the link to see video as well as an amazing interactive piece created from media generated at the Salon.

The success of CC Salon Seoul only further illuminates the notion that anyone can start a CC Salon wherever they’d like, helping CC spread. In the near future, there is the upcoming London CC Salon as well as both the July and August CC Salons in San Francisco.

Involving CC in local communities is essential to CC’s growth as a movement, but we need your help! If you want to set up a CC Salon in your area, let us know and we can send some schwag your way.

Posted 08 June 2007