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Jon Phillips at Pixelodeon


This past weekend, our very own Jon Phillips had the pleasure of speaking at The First Annual Pixelodeon Festival, an independent video festival that specifically celebrates global online video. From NewTeeVee:

While much of the discussion focused on how to make a business out of producing video content for online distribution, Creative Commons Jon Phillips’ presentation on new ways to think about copyright reminded me that it was ultimately a celebration of new tools and ideas for people making motion pictures online.

Jon was also interviewed by Ryan is Hungry, a wonderful videoblog that focuses on the environment and sustainability (check out the video here). In the interview, Jon goes into detail concerning CC’s mission as a whole and, more specifically, how CC and CC licenses pertain to vloggers. The folks at RIH draw a comparison between CC’s mission in relation to media development and the motivation behind sustainable living, a wonderful analogy that I haven’t previously thought of before.

You can check out a myriad of pictures from the festival here (including this wonderfully big CC logo). Similarly, you can see/download Jon’s presentation here, via the spectacular (which we have previously profiled).

Posted 14 June 2007