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UNU Media Studio Program adopts CC licences for websites


The United Nations University (UNU) Media Studio Program announced today that they have adopted a CC Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike (by-nc-sa) license for both their Media Studio and Online Learning websites. This phenomenal news is only strengthened by the desire that eventually, “the UNU will evolve into a 100% Creative Commons institution”. Although doing so would require a reworking of UNU’s intellectual property policy, a large task indeed, the intent to adopt CC licensing across the board at such an institution speaks millions for both the UNU and the CC movement as a whole.

Below is a quote regarding UNU’s announcement from Creative Commons founder and CEO Lawrence Lessig:

This is an extraordinarily important development. We at CC were very proud when MIT adopted CC licenses for all their courses (and by the end of this year, every MIT course will be online under a CC-BY-NC license). But I am especially proud than the UNU has taken this step. The UNU is, in my view, the most important international educational institution, symbolizing in practice and ideals, a world community. To see CC as part of that community is very rewarding to us, and our movement.

UPDATE: Added text for specific license being used.

Posted 14 June 2007