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The music of Lee Maddeford


I first read of Lee Maddeford in a comment on Bob Ostertag’s website. Ostertag was announcing the release of every recording he held the rights to under a CC Attribution-NonCommercial license.

Maddeford had similarly put his recordings online under the same license, but a year earlier.

There’s a huge variety of quality music (well over 10 hours of recordings) to enjoy, crossing several genres and many projects led by Maddeford under various names. Visit his listening lounges to browse roughly by genre (piano duo, songs in French, songs in English, lab, and others), the library for lyrics, lead sheets, scores, and information lounges describing each project.

I should especially point out some ironic pop songs that may have wide appeal (mp3s), including a goth spoof Scratch My Body, 80s ska sounding Optical Illusion , and an over the top Le Train.

There’s also plenty of avant leaning material that meets my approval, but I finally want to point out a few tracks that I cannot get out of my head. Actually five different recordings (mp3s) of the same simple composition, called [Le] Bouchon: Bouchon, Bouchon 1, Bouchon 2, Bouchon 3, Le Bouchon.

Go explore Lee Maddeford’s music yourself. Don’t worry if something gets stuck in your head–it won’t be wasted space, as you’ll be able to use it in your own creation down the line.

Posted 23 June 2007