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Mainstreaming open music


Michael Gregoire, curator of the beautiful netBloc compilation series (previously mentioned here and here; #6 now available) has published an essay on some of the things needed to make open music a part of mainstream culture:

Once a listener realizes that net audio is as good or better than mainstream music, they’re in. They’re part of the movement. They begin to explore the net audio world. The more you explore and listen to net audio, the less you’re influenced by the mainstream music-industry. Wouldn’t it be great if it were easier for these new listeners to find GREAT new net audio? What can be done to make it easier to dig through the immense numbers of net audio releases?

Music to my ears. I’ve been harping on the criticality of discovery services and tastemakers (and praising ones that exist) for a few years. There’s now a lot more great CC licensed music available than when I started.

Speaking of tastemaking, check out the music of Lee Maddeford.

Posted 24 June 2007