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Ground Report TV Launches


GroundReport.TV, a streaming citizen journalism news channel online, has officially launched and needs your help! They are looking for CC-licensed documentaries and video news content to broadcast on the channel as well as people interested in reporting live from around the world.

We’ve talked about, GroundReport.TV’s companion site, here before. Both sites are great examples of how CC licenses can positively contribute to the growing realm of citizen powered media by providing a clear and established means of identifying user-generated content. When CC licenses are built into communities like GroundReport.TV and, the sharing of vital information becomes more simplified, ultimately leading to a stronger online “ecosystem”.

To get involved with GroundReport.TV, simply visit their website and hit the “Participate” link

UPDATE: A clarification – GroundReport.TV has not officially launched. They are simply in the process of finding CC-licensed content from people like you. Apologies for the confusion!

Posted 26 June 2007