Congratulations to the Free Software Foundation on the release of the GNU General Public License, Version 3. The GPL is critical underpinning for free software, but it is hard to overstate its importance for all computing, or indeed society at large.

The FSF took this responsibility extremely seriously, putting GPLv3 through by far the most rigorous versioning process of any public license to date. Creative Commons has some experience in this respect, but we are mere newbies by comparison.

Note that Creative Commons has always recommended the GPL and other free software licenses for software. We look forward to transitioning software we create to GPLv3.

7 thoughts on “GPLv3!”

  1. Hey, i was just wondering if you had made any progress on the human readable version of GPLv3? It’s been a fair few months and as said it would be amazingly useful, many thanks!

  2. Ewan,

    Sorry for not remembering to note on this post. We’re not going to. Actually, we redirected the GPLv2 “CC deed” to the FSF’s GPL page. The license steward (FSF in this case) is best party to explain the license. Doing this was result of conversations with FSF that started around metadata mentioned in above post.

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