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Superstars on ccMixter


Salman Ahmad is the founder of one of the world’s most popular bands Junoon. A household name in South Asia, the band has sold over 25 million albums, played at the United Nations by special invitation and Salman and the band have been the subject of several BBC documentaries. Salman has now decided that his solo catalog should be released under Creative Commons and has signed a contract with Magnatune.

In celebration Magnatune and Creative Commons are sponsoring a remix contest featuring Salman’s song “Natchoongi.” Submissions are currently being accepted through the end of July.

Meanwhile BBE Records has announced the winners of the DJ Vadim remix contest and will be releasing these winning entries in a variety of media throughout the the year. Congratulations to grand prize winner Jr Eakee and all the other winners. Read more and listen to the winners here. This contest went so well that BBE and ccMixter have agreed to work together to release a lot more material into the Commons so keep an eye out for that.

Posted 06 July 2007