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CC Salon SF Tonight: Live365, Jumpcut, OWL Music, and Powerpoint Karaoke!


Don’t forget that tonight we are back at (1337 Mission St. in San Francisco) for this month’s Creative Commons Salon! We are pleased to announce that Live365, an internet radio network where members can create their own online radio stations, will be joining us as presenters. They will be discussing netradio’s effects on independent artists, CC’s role in this relationship, and the most recent legislation in congress which will determine netradio’s future. Joining them will be Yahoo’s Jumpcut Online Video Editing Community, OWL Music Search, and

After the presentations are said and done, SlideShare will be treating us to Powerpoint Karaoke, MC-ed by EFF’s Danny O’Brien! Today marks the release of the SlideShare Karaoke Randomizer, the first tool that utilizes their just-released API (be sure to check out their Google Code Project Page to learn more).

It’s wonderful that a CC Salon will be the first time this is used in the wild. By combining CC-licenses and open-source software, SlideShare has created an infinitely fun and useful way to scour their repository of open-content presentations. It should be an absolute blast, and in their words, “we are told that pptkaroake is more fun when there is beer involved”.

Posted 11 July 2007