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Cogniview Brings CC Licensing to PDF Output


This has already been picked up by at least one blogger, and I’ve been remiss in not blogging it earlier. Cogniview has developed an open source tool for embedding CC license metadata in PDF output. You can find a screencast and download information on their website.

The CC PDF Converter takes a slightly different approach than most of the other tools we’ve seen. It’s installed as a Windows printer and allows the user to select a license when they “print” a PDF of their document. The tool embeds license metadata in the document as XMP and provides an optional facility for “stamping” the document with visible CC license information — either as a small image in the header or footer, or as a full-page deed appended to the document.

Some additional details are available on Cogniview’s blog; anyone want to write a similar tool for Mac OS X or Linux?

Posted 11 July 2007