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Wiki to books: Wikitravel Press launches


Wikitravel Press has launched to produce printed books based on the pioneering CC BY-SA licensed collaborative travel site Wikitravel. From the announcement:

Wikitravel Press is owned and operated by Jani Patokallio, a long-time Wikitravel community leader and travel writer, and Evan Prodromou and Michele Ann Jenkins, the site founders. Books will be sold at competitive prices (typically US$10-20 plus shipping and other fees), initially through the Web and later through other channels. The books will use the same Creative Commons license as Wikitravel Web pages, so they can be copied and reused freely.

Wikitravel Press will ship its first guidebooks in Fall 2007. The initial titles will be in English, with other Wikitravel languages launched soon after. Wikitravel Press will also provide “ad hoc” books, so travellers can roll their own from their choice of destinations.

Many small steps for travelers, one long-haul flight for peer production. Also check out Evan’s new wiki project–it would not be bold to predict wine-stained peer-produced CC-licensed paper wine guides in a couple years.

Posted 03 August 2007