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Creative Commons and Fedora Release LiveContent CD


We are incredibly pleased to announce the release of LiveContent, a collaborative initiative to showcase Creative Commons-licensed media as well as free, open source software. LiveContent is a joint effort between Creative Commons and Fedora, Red Hat’s community-based open source platform.

The LiveContent CD features a variety of Creative Commons-licensed media including audio, video, image, text and educational resources. Users can explore this free and open content and learn more about CC-friendly orginizations like Jamendo,, and Flickr. Fedora 7 and open source applications (such as OpenOffice, The Gimp, Inkscape, Firefox) boot directly from the CD, allowing users the ability to view and remix content in various ways.

LiveContent is designed to be a window into the CC community by offering open content and encouraging the use of open source tools. As such, it is very much a community project, and input is necessary, be it as a developer, a content curator, or LiveContent user. This input can range from interface design to potential avenues for future distribution.

If you are interested in checking out the LiveContent CD, visit the Creative Commons/Fedora booth at LinuxWorld. We are also turning this week’s CC Salon into a bit of a kick-off party for LiveContent with CDs available and computers running LiveContent present.

Thanks to for providing support for the development and distribution for the LiveContent CD.

Read the press release here.

Posted 06 August 2007