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First CC Salon LA: Eric Steuer, Pixelodeon, and Vosotros Music


This Thursday, August 30th, between 7PM and 9PM, we will be hosting our very first CC Salon in Los Angeles at LAND in Little Tokyo (366 E. 2nd St). The Salons are a great opportunity to meet-up with others interested in Creative Commons, technology, new media and discuss how we can all work together.

To say we are excited for this Salon would be an understatement – joining us will be JetSet Show/Pixelodeon, the popular vlog/Vloger Awards Conference (discussed previously here), and Vosotros Music, an amazing LA-based, CC-oriented, record label. Eric Steuer, CC’s Creative Director, will be rounding out the Salon with a discussion of what is happening in the world of CC in the upcoming months.

The fun doesn’t end there though as Vosotros’ monthly concert series, Live@Land, will be taking place afterwards with some musical performances that are bound to be amazing. We’ve heard rumors of a beat-boxing tuba player – what more can you ask for?

Check out the upcoming page here – the drinks are right and the food delicious. Its going to be a great time and we can’t wait to see you there.

Posted 27 August 2007