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OwnTerms: CC-Licenced Legal Templates


OwnTerms is an online repository for CC-licensed legal documents, allowing business startups easy and open access to various contracts without the cost of having a specific one tailored in their name. From OwnTerms:

OwnTerms is designed as a repository for “boilerplate” legal documents: those that every web site, startup, or entrepreneur needs but doesn’t want to draft in a lawyer for.

All the documents on OwnTerms are licensed under a Creative Commons license, enabling anyone to take them and edit them for their own use provided certain conditions are met.

Founded by Tom Scott, OwnTerms demonstrates not only the practicality of CC-licences on a broad level, but also the value and commitment of the CC-community as a whole. The idea for OwnTerms was born on the CC-Community list and was crafted with the community’s help, representing a neat circle in terms of problem solving and an ideal project example for those interested in CC-related endeavors.

Although Ownterms was launched just a little over two weeks agoit has begun to gain traction and as its community grows, so does the breadth of its resources. In taking this project from start to finish, Scott and the CC-community have helped craft yet another invaluable resource based around the concept and implementation of CC-licences.

Posted 05 September 2007