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Magnatune and the Ever Evolving Record Label


In a recent interview with technology law podcast OUT-LAW Radio, Magnatune CEO (and CC Board Member) John Buckman outlined Magnatune’s plans to shift from a focus on download related content to releasing streaming products for revenue earning. From The Register:

“What I’m finding is in an era now when we’re all connected to the internet a lot, people don’t really want to download music because then you have to manage it, you have to download it and make sure you don’t lose it and if your computer blows up you have to go and re-download it,” said Buckman. “What people want is access to music […] You simply don’t have to think about buying any more, you just listen online and you give us a little bit of money and you can listen to everything as a stream […] if you like something you can download it for free as well.”

Through its innovative use of CC-licences and automated, flat-rate licensing options, Magnatune has already established itself as forward thinking in terms of the dynamic relationship between record label and music consumer. Here, we see this thinking taken a step further by Magnatune’s commitment to understanding how people consume music and what the best way to get them this music would be, a refreshing approach that is often absent in the recording industry.

Posted 17 September 2007