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Internet offers more than mindless entertainment


Appearing in the Pepperdine University Graphic, the title and first paragraph of Internet offers more than Facebook read like a throwback to 1995:

If you are sick of the same old sites, Facebook, Myspace and TMZ, there are some alternatives available on the Web that offer just as much mindless entertainment.

(1995 version: There’s more to the Internet than AOL.)

However, it’s great that the author thinks students should know about one site that is not mindless entertainment:

All students at Pepperdine should know about Creative Commons ( This site is a place where people can submit and download original content. Everything from photos to music to videos can be downloaded and used without infringing on most copyrights.

Creative Commons is a great community to research and find material that people actually want to share. There are different levels of copyright and different uses for each download so make sure you read the fine print and start downloading.

Close. We’re a .org, but redirects to .org. One can’t submit or download much content directly from — there are many sites that enable CC licensing that you can submit and download from. One can choose a license and search for licensed content here.

Overall the two paragraphs about Creative Commons seem like a throwback to 2003, but the article is absolutely correct that all students should know about CC, and it’s great to see this knowledge spreading to a university attended by children of Hollywood’s rich and famous.

Posted 21 September 2007