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WIRED NextFest/Spoon/CC Benefit Concert


A little over a month ago, WIRED Magazine held a concert to benefit Creative Commons in Los Angeles with Spoon, the Austin, TX based rock-quartet, headlining. The show was absolutely phenomenal – opener Kool Keith rocked the party hard and Spoon failed to disappoint with a killer set that spanned their varied discography. Oh, and need we forget Keepon, the lovable dancing robot, was in attendance?

It was really an amazing way to kick off both WIRED NextFest and to foster sustainability for CC in the longterm. A big thanks to WIRED Magazine for making it happen – there constant support is a huge help to CC and the CC community. Don’t forget to check out some amazing pictures by Dave Bullock (eecue) on flickr as well:



Posted 12 October 2007