"creative commons" percentage by top level domain

At the CC Greece launch Diomidis Spinellis presented a very interesting (but crude, with many caveats) look at CC adoption worldwide:

To compile the metrics I used the Internet Systems Consortium July 2007 list of top-level domain names by host count distribution. From that I selected the 71 domains with more than 100,000 hosts. I then run a Google search for all pages in each domain (for instance .edu) and a search for the pages in that domain containing the string “creative commons”. The results, ordered by the percentage of pages containing the consecutive words “creative commons”, (most of which are presumably licensed by a corresponding license) are striking.

Go check out the entire list, but a few tidbits:

  • Yugoslavia (.yu) has the highest percentage of pages containing the string “creative commons”, an amazing 16.56%. There is no CC Yugloslavia, though CC Serbia is an upcoming jurisdiction.
  • Greece (which only got jurisdiction licenses on Saturday) is at #11.
  • Luxembourg, which gets jurisdiction licenses today, follows at #12.
  • Of course “unported” licenses are available for use anywhere, and apparently are being used heavily in places without jurisdiction licenses. The next ranking top level domain without corresponding launched CC jurisdiction ported licenses is Morocco, at #15. CC Morocco, anyone?
  • Spain (at #5) and Latin American domains rank high, corresponding nicely with Giorgos Cheliotis’ research, which found (using completely different methods, and looking only at jurisdiction ported licenses) that Spainish licenses stand out in terms of CC adoption.