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Wear "I ❤ CC" on your sidebar


As a digital creator, you have a vested interest in both the future of your work and the larger participatory culture. As an active participant in this community, you play a major role in helping ensure that our culture remains as free and accessible as possible.

Because of this, we are releasing our own fundraising widget. This is an exciting move for CC, as we’re putting faith in the power of “you” to help us raise awareness and funds for CC’s future.

The widget is an easy-to-use tool that embeds in your blog, website, or Myspace page. The text is customizable so you can encourage people to support CC in your own words.

Remember – by supporting Creative Commons, you are enabling us to continue doing innovative work that builds and supports an accessible, shareable, and reusable culture.

Also check out our other viral fundraising tools — buttons, videos, Facebook, and more.

Posted 01 November 2007