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Let the 2nd annual CC swag photo contest begin!


Photo By Franz Patzig  CC-BY v. 3.0
Photo © Franz PatzigCC BY Photo © yamaboboboCC BY

Last year we launched the inaugural annual CC swag photo contest as a way to promote support for CC. There were over 50 entries to last year’s competition, including this one by Franz Patzig, which I’m sure you’ve seen somewhere by now. Franz was one of the two overall winners from last year (the other was Yamabobobo) and has received a ton of attention since. Here’s what he had to say about his participation:

“I have been publishing all my photos under Creative Commons licenses since CC’s beginning. I joined the contest for fun; I never expected my photo to be chosen as one of the winners. Since then, many people have used it to illustrate blog postings about the commons, which has brought a lot of attention to my Flickr pages. I’ve even sold some photographs. I love sharing my work.”

The rules of the contest are simple (official rules here):

1) Creatively photograph your CC swag. If you don’t have any or you would like to update what you have check out the 2007 annual campaign donate page, our store, or our Facebook Challenge, where you have the chance to get a limited edition Warhol inspired t-shirt.

2) Upload your photos to Flickr and then join the group CCswagphotocontest2007 and post your pics there. Remember – your photos must be CC-BY licensed.

3) A weekly winner will be announced every Monday starting on November 19, 2007 – December 17, 2007. The two overall winners will be announced on January 2, 2008.

The weekly winner will be blogged on our main page and posted on our website for that entire week. The two main winners will be awarded 100 postcards of their winning photo. CC will continue to use postcards featuring the two overall winning photos as promotional material for the next year.

This contest is an easy and creative way to promote and support CC! For other interesting ways to help us here at CC spread the good word and raise some good funds check out our new Spread the Word page. Good luck and start shootin’!

Posted 13 November 2007