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Help Translate CC Software


As one of the staff members who helps answer general inquiries, I see quite a few messages that go something like, “Hey, I want to translate the license engine and deeds into my language! How do I do that?” Up until recently, we haven’t had a very good answer. Translations were handled by our international affiliates, who are already plenty busy porting the licenses to their respective jurisdictions. Unfortunately, the software we were using didn’t have a very strong community component — you were either a trusted translator or nothing at all.

Today we’re able to ask you to help the affiliates by suggesting translations. With some greatly appreciated assistance from the folks at we’ve moved our translation infrastructure to Pootle. is now the home for all our internationalization efforts. See a language you can help with? See a missing translation or something not quite right? Create an account and suggest the correction. Pootle also provides a clear overview of the translation status for the site (hint: no language is 100% translated). So jump in, help CC communicate in your language!

Posted 28 November 2007