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New Year Resolution: Free(v.) stuff


Craig Neilson writes about his three 2008 resolutions at WorldChanging — (1) Be vegetarian, (2) Walk, (3) Free stuff, where free is a verb:

This year I want to set stuff free, which is easier than it sounds. I’m contributing to Wikipedia, publishing more helpful personal web pages and licensing my Flickr photos with the most generous Creative Commons license available.

This is the kind of group activity that causes massive change. Information can be an unlimited resource when we free it – a move that costs little and benefits many. What’s exciting about freeing stuff is that you don’t know how your stuff could be used.

Read the whole article, including some insightful comments on the value of setting stuff free.

Here’s Craig’s Flickr stream, with photos indeed licensed under CC BY.

Creative Commons — wholesome like walking.

Craig Neilson / CC BY

Posted 07 January 2008